How Do I Choose My Mala?


Most importantly, trust yourself. A mala represents something different for each person; for some, a mala is a reminder of an intention or sankalpa, for others it may be a tool for meditation or healing. Consider your own path and practice and invite your mala to find you.

Practice trusting your intuition by closing your eyes, taking a few deep and mindful breaths, saying a prayer or invocation (whatever feels right in the moment), and allowing yourself time to leisurely browse your options. If you allow yourself to be open and to trust yourself, the mala chooses you.

I know this can sometimes be challenging when you’re looking at something on a computer screen, so if you’re in Austin, please feel welcome to contact me and set up an appointment to choose your mala in person.

Another way to select the right mala for you is to consider the metaphysical properties you desire, then select stones that support these properties. Also, if you’re working with a particular mantra, or practicing ways of healing a specific chakra, I’m happy to suggest some stones that may be suited to your practice.