Resilient Lotus:
A Hill Country Retreat for Women
With Rebecca and Sapphire

November 9th to 11th, 2018
The Lotus Ranch
525 Fischer Trail, Wimberley, Texas

  • Are you feeling overextended or depleted?
  • Would you like to be obligation-free for a weekend?
  • Are you supersaturated with information and emotion?
  • Could you benefit from a mindful unplug?

You are invited to spend the weekend with us in the quiet and spacious Texas Hill Country. The Lotus Ranch is just far enough that you can see the stars and hear the silence, and maybe get to see a fox or two! Come and allow yourself to be cared for so you can play, practice, laugh, and unfurl for a few days.

Particularly in this time of great change and awakening, it’s crucial that we allow space for processing our emotions and understanding our own unique way of being. We get so set in our methods and mindset that it can be challenging to see other perspectives if we don’t make space for reflection, release, and renewal. This is supremely important for women, as we tend to fill the caretaker roll for our friends and family, in addition to keeping ourselves afloat. Many of us are feeling not only our own emotions, but bear the burden of others’ experience as well. Sometimes all we need to feel better and see more clearly is a safe space to unravel and lay down that burden.

A retreat is the perfect opportunity to step away from the constant demands of daily life, reflect on your path and process, and allow space for clarity and evolution. Even if you’re not looking for transformation, this retreat may allow you the space you require to discover what you Do need! Perhaps a nap, a conversation with a new friend, a craft project, or a walk among the trees could be all the refreshment you desire.

Ladies, please join Rebecca and Sapphire for a joyous and heartfelt weekend of mindful practice, incredible food, soul searching, and great friends.

Rebecca and Sapphire pour their hearts into creating an inclusive and sacred space for women to loosen and sigh. During this peaceful hiatus, we will practice various methods and modalities of yoga and meditation, enjoy live music, commune with nature and like-minded souls, and practice our own individual methods of self-care.

All meals, yoga, and lodging included, or option to camp. This retreat is open to practitioners of all levels of experience, including brand new yoginis.

Rebecca has been a full-time yoga teacher for more than a decade; her classes provide a safe, healing space well-suited for all levels of experience ‍and ideal for those seeking comfort and ease in stillness. Rebecca encourages you to delve into self-awareness by exploring the deeper, hidden layers of the self that are in need of acknowledgment and processing. She keeps classes as simple and quiet as possible in order to allow students to decompress and release. [Learn More]

Sapphire grew up with parents who practiced yoga and her step father taught yoga for 40 years. In the summer of 2001 she studied at Kripalu in Lenox, Massachusetts and became a certified Hatha yoga teacher. Right away she found work at Lake Austin Spa and Yoga Yoga in Austin, Texas. For 11 years she taught 14 classes a week. She has led people on yoga retreats in Mexico and Texas. In 2006 she also became a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. In 2012 she had a baby at the age of 43 and believes that a regular yoga practice keeps her flexible, patient and strong to keep up with her daughter. She plays live guitar music for guided meditation and relaxation. [Learn More]