Out of all the yoga teachers in Austin, Rebecca has a special resonance with me. Through her teachings, I can always count on feeling more grounded spiritually, at peace emotionally, and at ease physically. Rebecca’s intuitive wisdom and caring guidance allows us to melt into our true nature, thus putting us in touch with our own divinity. I highly recommend her classes, retreats, and offerings!
~ Lynn

Practicing yoga with Rebecca is a tonic for my body and my spirit.  She is an attentive, encouraging and supportive expert – even with a room full of people, she is always right by my side when I need her.
~ Lisa

I have enjoyed attending Rebecca’s Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra classes for roughly 8 years now. She has a nurturing, compassionate and caring soul and has helped guide me on an inward journey of physical and emotional release and self healing. I find her guidance gentle but mindful and intentional. She has really helped me stay more present and aware of what is going on in my body. She works well with students of all skill levels and is mindful to assist helping those with limitations to adjust appropriately. She is quick to remind, “if it hurts, it is not yoga … get out of it and let me help you to modify”. Beyond that, Rebecca is fun! Keeping us smiling when we do the dreaded core work. Today, as a result of working with Rebecca, I enjoy an incredible sense of well-being. Physically, my flexibility and balance have improved dramatically. And emotionally, as I continue to learn to focus inward, I am able to stay more in the present. I can breathe!
~ Gary

My yoga retreat experience with Rebecca was amazing. The professional quality of the retreat’s organization, food, activities, and yoga flow were perfect for those of us in need of a true retreat atmosphere. The calm, nurturing environment Rebecca creates for all participants is exceptional.
~ Katy

I have been practicing yoga with Rebecca for almost 10 years, and I find her classes to physically, mentally, and energetically restorative. Rebecca has a very calm supportive demeanor that enables me to let go and fully embrace my experience. Throughout class Rebecca is mindful of to make sure everyone is comfortable in whatever pose they are practicing.  She will offer props and modifications to ensure that everyone can practice safely and without discomfort regardless of their experience level.


Not only is Rebecca a gifted teacher but she has a powerful healing presence.  Her humble style belies the fact that she is an incredibly knowledgeable and well-trained yogini, and virtual mine of healing wisdom.  If you have the great good fortune to attend a retreat with Rebecca, you will experience first hand the nurturing healing energy that surrounds her. She has a true gift for holding space with love and warmth.  Her ability to hold this secure healing space during a retreat enables you to let go even more which will allow even greater healing and restoration of your body, mind, and spirit.

~ Kim