Self Care Sunday: Soothing Yoga and Live Music
With Rebecca and Sapphire

Saturday, August 12, 12:30 – 5:00pm
Yoga Yoga Northwest. 2001 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas 78758

We live in a fast paced world with a ‘get it done’ lifestyle and it can leave us feeling tired and drained. By August, we’re all feeling the heat of the Texas summer & could use a little break. Let’s hit the pause button for an afternoon and practice cooling and restoring postures so you can regain your energy and brave the rest of the summer!

In this half day mellow yoga and meditation retreat, we will surround ourselves in a cocoon of self-care pampering bliss. You will be guided on a new moon meditation for release and renewal; and your mind, body and soul will feel like it’s been on an intergalactic journey through space and time. Or, you’ll at least feel like you’ve had a relaxing week lying on the beach. 🙂

There will be live piano music to accompany you throughout your yin practice. We’ll practice some guided meditation, a little restorative, mantra, and definitely include a little acoustic guitar. Come prepared to slow down, chill out, and return to the world feeling lighter, energized and more clear.

Finally…something you can look forward to during the heat of summer.

Your Instructors

Sapphire grew up with parents who practiced yoga and her step father taught yoga for 40 years. In the summer of 2001 she studied at Kripalu in Lennox, Massachusetts and became a certified Hatha yoga teacher. Right away she found work at Lake Austin Spa and Yoga Yoga in Austin, Texas. For 11 years she taught 14 classes a week. She has led people on yoga retreats in Mexico and Texas. In 2006 she also became a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. In 2012 she had a baby at the age of 43 and believes that a regular yoga practice keeps her flexible, patient and strong to keep up with her daughter. She plays live guitar music for guided meditation and relaxation.

Rebecca’s classes provide a safe healing space where students can learn to be still and unravel stress, trauma and chaos. Her classes are well-suited for all levels of experience and ideal for those seeking comfort and ease in stillness. Rebecca’s classes allow time and space to cultivate balance by exploring the softer, deeper, more subtle layers of the self.

Hatha and Yin classes with Rebecca are very mellow, a blend of slow movement, long-held postures, breath awareness & deep relaxation – often with the gong being played during savasana. Restorative classes have minimal postures for maximum relaxation. Rebecca likes to keep these classes as simple and quiet as possible in order to allow students to decompress, release & restore. Rebecca teaches Yoga Nidra in classes that are called Yoga for Stress Management. Kundalini classes with Rebecca lean toward a more gentle physical practice and a longer meditation. With her roots in hatha yoga, she is skilled in offering modifications and encourages safety and compassion for the body.


Cost: 95