What If My Mala Breaks?


Well, first of all, it’s not “if” but “when”. Your mala isn’t meant to last forever. When your mala breaks, it’s time for a new intention… a new chapter in your healing story. I know this can be a challenge for many of us to accept. It’s such a personal piece & we spend so much time with the stones and the energy that it can be hard to let go; but believe me, it’s time. I’ve restrung countless malas for people and almost every time they tell me that when they get it back, the mala ends up living on their altar as a reminder of where they’ve been.

Especially on this path of spiritual growth and seeking, we’re constantly changing. That’s the point, right?! So as you grow in your practice and on your path, your mala beads will also evolve over time.
While I’m happy to restring your mala for you, I recommend letting go of what’s done and embracing the next phase. Instead of thinking of a broken mala as a loss, recognize it as a completion & celebrate your progress!

If however, your mala breaks within the first 60 days, I will repair it free of charge. After 60 days, a restringing fee will apply.